The Capybaras Have Arrived!

The Capybaras Have Arrived!

As purveyors of many rodent-themed products, we felt it was rather a sin to have not yet featured the biggest and friendliest rodent of them all, everyone's buddy, the capybara!

Tropical Capybaras Notepad

To right this wrong, we now present to you TWO new capybara-themed items, the Tropical Capybaras Notepad and the Tower of Potato Rodents Vinyl Sticker--the latter of which adds an additional two rodents to our rodent repertoire (rodentoire?).

Tower of Potato Rodents Vinyl Sticker ⭐

And now that we've started to draw capybaras, we can't stop (no really, send help, there are so many capybaras--), so expect more chill lil' dudes to be popping up here and there going forward.

 The Celestial Squirrel Team