About Us

We are Sarah Anne Davis, Arlowa, and Song, three animators who decided after years and years of selling our artwork at conventions that it was finally time to join forces and open a little online art shop!

Sarah has been working in the animation industry for 10 years in a variety of roles from animator, to storyboard artist, to concept designer, to series director. She loves storytelling through her art, where the subjects are generally dinosaurs, mythology, plants, and... rodents. So many rodents.

Arlowa has been working in animation for over a decade as an animator, animation teacher, and a guru of industry standard softwares. She will both wow you with a detailed BG landscape and make you choke on laughter with a ridiculous derpy sketch.

Song has been working in the animation industry for a decade as an animator and rigger extraordinaire! She has a passion for plants, cats, witchy things, good (and bad) puns, and anything and everything that happens in Autumn.

All of our products are the creation of one of the artists above, lovingly designed and crafted into a variety of works, from prints to jewelry, stationery, apparel, and more! We draw what we love and we hope you'll enjoy our work too!