NEW look! And Happy Earth Day!

NEW look! And Happy Earth Day!

If you're returning to our little shop on the interwebs, you might be wondering: "hey... did you do something with your hair?"

And no, we didn'tthis is a website, friend, and that would be crazybut what we DID do was refresh the whole look of this shop. We raised the ceiling, painted the walls, opened some windows... you'll find the whole place feels a lot more alive and welcoming (at least we hope this is the case)!

Shopping categories are better organized, elements a little more animated (makes sense, right?), and we've jazzed up some of our pages (you gotta check out our squirrelsonas).

Oh also...

🌏🌍🌎Happy Earth Day! 🌎🌍🌏

We here at the Squirrel are all nature-lovers, hikers, photographers, rock-collectors, and gardeners, with maybe more houseplants than is rational (just kidding, there will never be enough). We whipped up a cute little animatic to celebrate this beautiful planet we call home and to spare a thought for the lil' critters we share it with.


Get outside sometime this week and say thanks, Earth!

And thank YOU all for stopping by. 💜

 The Celestial Squirrel Team