NEW ITEM--Stare Into the VOID!

NEW ITEM--Stare Into the VOID!


The first of a bunch of new merch drops starts this week, kicking it off with our Void Cats Vinyl Sticker Sheet!

⭐ Void Cats Vinyl Sticker Sheet 

This is a tribute to black cats--(void cats)--everywhere, and their unhinged little personalities that we love so very much. Ezio, the resident black cat here at Squirrel Headquarters, has offered much inspiration toward the creation of these stickers, and as far as we can tell, he approves of the final product.

⭐ Ezio, Professional Void, potentially approving 

Stay tuned for many more new things in the coming weeks! We Squirrels have been hard at work and are super excited about what's coming up!

 The Celestial Squirrel Team