Cryptids and Vampire Bats!

Cryptids and Vampire Bats!

Now that we've officially eaten too much candy, watched all of our favourite horror flicks, carved our pumpkins, and moved beyond the Halloween season, we feel it is the PERFECT time to introduce... monsters and vampire bats!

(Hey we're just the sort of people who do the spooky thing all year 'round, y'know?)

So we're pleased as Halloween party punch to introduce the Casual Cryptids Vinyl Sticker Sheet, and the Vampire Bat Gothic Blood Drop Necklace!

Casual Cryptids Vinyl Sticker Sheet ⭐

This 5x7 sticker sheet features 10 unique stickers and all of your favourite cryptid friends--Nessie, Chupacabra, Bigfoot, Jackalope, Mothman, and Fresno Nightcrawler!

🦇 Vampire Bat Gothic Blood Drop Necklace 🦇

This elegant gothic necklace featuring blood-embossed vampire bat acrylic pendants is both striking and spooky! Comes with an adjustable chain.

Great holiday gifts for the folks in your life who also tend to be in Halloween mode 365 days a year!

 The Celestial Squirrel Team