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The Celestial Squirrel

Casual Cryptids Vinyl Sticker Sheet

Casual Cryptids Vinyl Sticker Sheet

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Let's defy some stereotypes and embrace that not every monster needs to be monsterin' 24/7. Let the cryptids be cute for a while! Everyone deserves to enjoy a drink, try out a new look, spend some time on hobbies and y'know... just unwind and un-blur. These casual, cute lil' cryptids are doing just that in this vinyl sticker sheet designed by Celestial Squirrel artist Sarah Anne Davis.

This 5"x7" matte-textured sheet includes 10 unique stickers ranging in size from 2"x2", 3.25"x1.5", to 1"x1". The stickers are water-resistant, easy-to-peel vinyl, and don't leave a papery residue on surfaces.

Sticker sheets are shipped between cardboard pads or in a rigid mailer to prevent damage during transit.
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