Deer, Short Shorts, and SO MANY RATS!!

Deer, Short Shorts, and SO MANY RATS!!

We've got some new merch available and it certainly ranges in theme! (Look, we have a wide assortment of interests here at the Squirrel and our creativity cannot be contained).

First up we've got a lovely Morning in the Meadow with deer and squirrel friends as an adorable cherry wood keychain!

What we LOVE about this keycharm most of all (in addition to it just being heckin' precious) is the clear varnish on the cute lil' deer which gives it a glossy embossed look!

Now veering FAR OFF COURSE into the realm of bootyful leggy cryptids, allow us to present to you the Bootycrawler Short Shorts Vinyl Sticker...

Fans of the Fresno Nightcrawler, search no more and behold our masterful creation! We made it and now it can never be UN-made!

And last but not least (by sheer volume of drawings alone), get ready RAT LOVERS for the sweatshirt you've been pining for all your lives. The Life With Rats Hooded Sweatshirt is here to make everything better... and more rat-filled.

Infinite rats to brighten your day! Sarah hasn't stopped wearing this sweater since we got it in and it's legit COMFY AS HECK. There was not enough rat apparel in the world and frankly that's unacceptable, so this is our contribution to improve society. You're welcome!

We've got at least a couple more things debuting this month and so much more in the works so stay tuned!!

 The Celestial Squirrel Team