Our Official Online Shop is LIVE!

Our Official Online Shop is LIVE!

Welcome to our now independent little art shop on the web!

You may have originally found us through our Etsy Shop, and if you've been following us for a little while now, you might have been around for last winter's "Suspended-by-Accident Saga" which, because of the sheer size and scale and the number of bots and algorithms needed to maintain the marketplace, seems to be a little too common on Etsy these days. We were taken offline for over a month and missed the entire holiday season, which was an incredible bummer for a new store like ours.

So what do they say? Diversification is the key to success, right? Well it's certainly going to give us a little more control over our own business, so we're excited about that!

We will still continue to maintain and to post new products to our Etsy store, but you may find a few more niche items and more frequent sales and promos through this, our official storefront!

So welcome, welcome, welcome! Have a look around and we hope you enjoy your stay! To keep up to date on said new products and sales and promos, we welcome you to join our mailing list!

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