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The Celestial Squirrel

Art Nouveau Raptor Double-Sided Acrylic Keycharm

Art Nouveau Raptor Double-Sided Acrylic Keycharm

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Celebrate the beauty and majesty and general super coolness of a feathered velociraptor (as all proper velociraptors should be). In bright blues and oranges, make a vibrant dinosaur statement and look glamourous as you do so. This colourful raptor keycharm was created by Celestial Squirrel illustrator Sarah Anne Davis.

This charm is 3" tall and 2.5" wide and made of blue-tinted acrylic. It has a round silver clasp. The illustration appears on both sides of the charm.

Please note that all acrylic charms come with a protective film on both sides to keep the charm safe from scratches during transit. This can be peeled off upon arrival to reveal more vibrant colours.
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